Our main mission is to add value to properties

On partner base or as individual counseling, we offer the complete package for added value to all types of properties.
We conduct a thorough analysis of the property's strengths and weaknesses and on this basis, we prepare a strategy and development plan for the added value of the property with associated investment budgets.

We are involved from the beginning of building design, and ensure that users and investor’s wishes and requirements for aesthetics and quality are met, while the future use of the property is in focus. Ultimately it is the property's usability, design and flexibility that create value. We strive to design projects so that they can be implemented cost effectively without compromising on design and quality.

If necessary we will ensure that the property’s environmental and soil conditions are investigated and that there will be a structural review of any existing buildings.
Regulatory approvals are a very important part of the process. Depending on the nature of the project we are responsible for everything from planning framework and local plans, for obtaining building permits, environmental approvals and waivers after close consultation with the relevant authorities.

The project is priced continuously in the process and when there is agreement on the final design of the project, we ensure the collection of several contract offers and for the implementation of the project will be carried forward to the delivery of the finished construction.

There will be developed a thorough sales material that gives the investor a good insight into the project and provides a basis for concluding a contract.

The project can be sold at various stages of the process depending on the owners needs and desires. We have a large network of investors and seek to maximize the sales price by finding the right investor for the specific property.